Echidna Build 1.88 June 3 2024

!CONTINUE will read .msv file if no .esv file available.

Fix bugs pre-processing !r !{ at(Trait,1).SLS0.(Dam Sire) at(Trait,2).(ID Dam) Zero.ID xfa1(4).ID !}

GRM file line qualifier !UDU (!MT or !TM Transform Model) implemented

at(Exp).grm(Geno|Fld) model term expansion extended to allow 3 instances,
and to allow an extra component:
Data.csv …
assay ~ mu Env !r rr1(Env):half:grm1(Female) + at(Env).half.grm1(Female|Env) +
rr1(Env):half:grm2(Male) + at(Env).half.grm2(Male|Env)
residual at(Env).units