Sept 28 2023 Build 1.79

Add !SPLIT qualifier to PREDICT statement
This splits the .epv file into multiple files indexed by the
PREDICT statement number (xx), writing the primary predict table
to a file …_PCT_ii.epv and all other associated output to a file
…_PCH_ii.epv. The PVT file can be easily loaded into R or Excel.

Improve labelling in the .ess file

Fixed bug in weighted averaging in PREDICT ..\git\Testing\oats\

Add detection of lines beginning ‘!AS ‘ intended for ASReml but ignored by Echidna,
and ‘!ES ‘ which are parsed in Echidna after stripping the ‘!ES’ (and ignored in ASReml 4.3.

Replace embeded blanks in Class names with UNDERSCORE

Allow TwoStageWeights when some predictions not estimable.

Various bug fixes:
Fixed stack overflow E70Ci

Fixed bug parsing VC initial values in E format